During my stay at SMARKIO, I was part of the team that helped develop its B2B SaaS solution, a marketing automation suite that started its life as an in-house tool at Adclick.

My main goal as the only designer on the team was to help turn a developer-minded tool into a user-friendly suite that is intuitive and welcoming, despite its comprehensive set of features.


My main responsibility while at SMARKIO was to design the dashboard interface. Read in more detail about framing and conceptual mapping challenges I faced here.

The SMARKIO dashboard
The Overview Dashboard on the SMARKIO platform.
The SMARKIO on-site dashboard
We made sure to make even the most complex concepts easy to understand, especially for those using the platform for the very first time.
The SMARKIO email dashboard
The importance of every action is communicated properly.
The SMARKIO workflows dashboard
Complex configuration is made easy with the help of textual and visual aids.


Launched mid 2016, this website was designed and coded by me, with a little help on some tricky bits of code by the almighty SMARKIO developers. You can visit an archived version here.

The SMARKIO website
The 2016 SMARKIO website.


The SMARKIO icon suite
A sample of the SMARKIO icon set.