I joined Akkroo in January 2017 to take on the role of designer.

Later that year, after internal restructuring, I became a part of the newly formed Product Team as a Product Designer, focusing more on the UI/UX of both the Akkroo app and dashboard.

User interface


The new Akkroo app has been completely redesigned from scratch in a project that spanned more than six months and is scheduled to be released in the first half of July.

The Akkroo App
The Akkroo app.


While most of my design work at Akkroo has been focused on the app, I have worked on a few additions and improvements to the dashboard, like the Success Hub, an onboarding page for new customers.

The Success Hub
The Success Hub in the Akkroo dashboard.



My first big project at Akkroo was to refresh and update the existing website. Click here to visit the website.

Landing pages

In addition to the website, I was also responsible for designing and coding a few Hubspot landing pages, which proved to be a great opportunity to experiment a bit with a more illustrative style and some simple animations.

Landing Pages
A few of the landing pages I worked on.
Looped animation
One of the animated illustration loops used in the landing pages.


One of the big marketing pieces we developed at Akkroo was a 1:30 minute illustrated video to get prospects familiar with our product. This project was brought to life along with filmmaker Finn Sims.

The "What Is Akkroo?" video