User interface


During my current tenure at Akkroo, I've been involved in two major reworkings of the Akkroo app.

The first one, released in Q4 2017, introduced a revamped user flow and the ability to view and edit collected information — something customers had been asking for quite some time. This required months of research, design, and validation, and allowed us to lay the groundwork to provide a better user experience for our users.

The second one, released in Q3 2018, was a move to a brand new React Native codebase. This move allowed for better performance and faster development times. Because we had introduced completely new user flows less than a year prior, we avoided making any big changes to the app, choosing instead to focus on the details and interactions to streamline the existing flows.

The Akkroo App
The Akkroo app. Click here for examples of interactions in the app.

The new app has been very well received and has been continuously improved over the past few months. Here's a few comments from customers:

"Excellent app to use!! Quick and easy to get details for customers"

— Vicky C.

"Awesome easy to use"

— James H.

"A lot more user-friendly than our previous system. Very quick, easy and convenienet to just pull out your phone and scan a badge [...]"

— Vince R.


While most of my design work at Akkroo has been focused on the app, I have worked on a few additions and improvements to the dashboard, including the Success Hub, an onboarding page for new customers and repository of useful resources.

The Success Hub
The Success Hub in the Akkroo dashboard. Click here for interaction examples.


Landing pages

During my first few months at Akkroo, I was also responsible for designing and implementing a few Hubspot landing pages, which proved to be a great opportunity to experiment a bit with a more illustrative style and some simple animations.

Landing Pages
A few of the landing pages I worked on.
Looped animation
One of the animated illustration loops used in the landing pages.