MPF Redesign

At Adclick, one of the biggest projects I was involved with was developing a new layout for MonPortailFinancier, one of the company's biggest portals, along with a complete rebrand. This marked the first time this and other publishers featured a responsive layout and were accessible from mobile devices.

Today, this layout is currently used by many of the websites run by the company, like E-Konomista, Vida Activa, and BuzzTimes, which are visited by hunderds of thousands of users every month.


MPF layout
The redesigned MPF layout, currently used by many of the portals run by Adclick. (MPF logo designed by Cristina Ribeiro.)

All content blocks were completely redesigned from scratch to make them 100% responsive for the first time since the launch of the website.

MPF blocks
Base layout and an example of a responsive content block.


In addition to the new layout, I designed a new set of icons to help make the most of this update.

MPF icons
A sample of the icon suite designed during the rebranding.