Hi! My name is Sandro, and I'm a Portuguese artist & designer based in London.

I knew I wanted to draw for a living from very early on — a piece of blank paper and pencils were all the toys I needed, other than my LEGO blocks and their endless possibilities.

A few years later, in the late nineties, I fell in love with Ian Anderson's incredibly sleek and futuristic work in the Wipeout videogame franchise and realised that design was what I wanted to do for a living.

The final piece of the puzzle was using Apple's iPhone for the first time: interacting directly with software opened the door to computer tools that could provide interesting and fun experiences, and I had to get in on that.

Being mostly self-taught, I absolutely love experimenting with different styles and learning how to use new tools and techniques — is there anything more exciting than mastering something new and imagining all the cool things you can do with it?

Some of the things I do daily:

Software & hardware I currently rely on:

Things I do in my free time: